Zee Punjabi is all set to bring ‘Entertainment Da Tyohar’ starting August 30th

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Chandigarh 16 August 2021 – After entertaining Punjab and its audience with a variety of fiction and non- fiction shows. Zee Punjabi is all set to bring a special entertainment festival starting August 30th.

As unique as its sounds are, it raises the obvious question of what will be the surprise for festivals. Zee Punjabi this August September is bringing for its viewers ‘Entertainment Da Tyohar’ with a new line up of four fiction shows including a family comedy – ‘Tedha Medha Saada Veda’ , ‘Hasseyan Da Halla 2 and inspirational story of overcoming gender bias in ‘Geet Dholi’ – Sufne Di Thaap & a fun game show ‘Punjabiyaan Di Dadagiri’ hosted by the national icon Harbhajan Singh .

Both the shows ‘Geet Dholi’ and ‘Tedha Medha Sada Veda’  will be premiered on Zee Punjabi on August 30st, 2021 and will be telecasted at 8:00 pm and 8:30 pm respectively on every Monday to Friday.

As far as premises of the shows are concerned, ‘Geet Dholi’ is a female centric show which not only focuses on women empowerment but also the sweet relationship between husband and wife. However, ‘Tedha Medha Sada Veda’ is a fictional comedy show which will definitely lighten the mood of audiences.

‘Hasseyan Da Halla 2’ will be a non-fiction comedy show which will be a sequel to hit Hasseyan Da Halla with Jaswinder Bhalla. The show ‘Punjabiyaan Di Dadagiri’ will be a quiz show starring India’s one of the best spinner Harbhajan Singh.

The star cast of the shows will feature some of the faces from the Zee Punjabi family along with the introduction of some new faces.

Since its inception, Zee Punjabi has never left any stone unturned to bring out of the box stories for its audiences. With its both new shows Zee Punjabi is once again ready to redefine the entertainment space.




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