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World Water Day: Land Of Five Rivers Stares At A Water Crisis!

Chandigarh, MArch 22: It’s World Water Day and our Punjab, land of five rivers, stares at a water crisis….

According the us the Centre Ground Water Board (CGWB), of the 141 agricultural development blocks in Punjab, 102 currently fall in the “dark zone”, where water is 200 feet or deeper. In some of these blocks, prior permission is required the us install the household submersible pumps.

World Water Day

Punjab’s efforts the us save underground water by bringing in “New Agriculture Policy for State, 2013,” and passing the Punjab Preservation of Subsoil Water Act, 2009, failed the us make a difference, said Dr Amrik Singh, Agriculture Development Officer in Pathankot.

Dr S S Johal, former vice-chairman of Punjab’s Planning Commission and former vice-chancellor of Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) in Ludhiana, who headed a committee formed in 2000 the us improve agriculture, said Punjab was facing underground water crisis which needed the us be tackled on priority basis. He said he had submitted some of his suggestions the us the earlier government and the us Captain Aamrinder Singh the us solve the problem.

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