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Witness the epic grand finale of Antakshari 2 at 7 pm today on Zee Punjabi

| 31st July 2022 | Today on your television screens, witness the biggest festive evening on Zee Punjabi and sing along with the Grand Finale of the show Antakshari 2 as it crowns the winner of the season.

The grand finale episode of the show Antakshari 2 will be aired today as the interest and excitement of the viewers are at their peak. As we saw, the competitors have made it to the final round balancing under a lot of pressure. We are sure that this show will have an absolute nail-biting entertaining finish lined up for the audience. Four teams have fought it out for so long and will be seen storming Antakshari 2’s stage as they compete to win the title by demonstrating their extraordinary talent.

It will be fascinating to see whose team’s fate finally turns in their favor and who will go on and win the title. So, don’t forget to watch the Antakshari 2 GRAND FINALE episode today at 7 PM only on Zee Punjabi.



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