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Will Nayan become Devansh’s ‘Raksha Kawach’?

|19th January 2022| The show ‘Nayan- Jo Vekhe Unvekha’ is taking counter-intuitive twists and turns exactly what today’s audience looks for in a show after being habituated to the old ‘Saas Bahu’ spicing dramas. Zee Punjabi has caught hold of the right nerve of its audience and is in no mood to let them down, that’s what their new show ‘Nayan- Jo Vekhe Unvekha’ is all about.

Where on one hand Nayan is dealing with the new known facts about her ability, on the other she moves forward to save Devansh unknown of the fact who he is from the accident and takes him to the hospital where she will meet his father Rajveer. However when Rajveer reaches the hospital and finds out that some girl saved his son’s life who he thinks is the girl that Pandit Ji told him is the saviour of Devansh.

After all that is happening, she gets disturbed and scared at the same time making her helpless and bewildered, in the outcome of which she promises herself that from now onward she will not focus on her visions and ignore them so that she does not get more depressed by them.

Is Nayan really the girl who Rajveer thinks she is? Will Nayan and Devansh’s story end there or instead fate has decided something else for them? Burst your curiosity and keep watching ‘Nayan- Jo Vekhe Unvekha’ every Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM only on Zee Punjabi and to get entertained anytime anywhere login to Zee5 App.



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