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Will Geet win the competition and bet with JK?

|13th January 2022| ‘Geet Dholi’, Zee Punjabi’s one of the most loved shows of Punjab, is keeping the audience hooked to the screens as the story takes a new turn every week. Last week we saw Geet save her Father In Law from fire and get herself trapped in it. But later she survives and escapes the danger but gets a few burns from it.

The family including JK and a few other members have not yet accepted her as Malhar’s bride and discouraged her independent way of living life and earning for herself.

Now, in the coming week, the viewers will get to see Geet participating in a Dhol Competition, with her injuries. And also she has made a bet with her Father In Law J.K Mehra for bringing Malhar’s sister Tanya back for celebrating ‘Bhai Dooj’.

However, it will be interesting to see if Geet will win the competition with her injuries. Will she be able to bring Tanya back? Will she lose the bet with JK? What other obstacles she has to face in order to be accepted as the Daughter In Law of the family.

To know more about what’s in fate for Geet and how the story unfolds next, Keep watching ‘Geet Dholi’ at 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday only on Zee Punjabi and get early access to the latest episodes anytime anywhere on the Zee5 app.



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