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Will Devansh fall for Rita’s emotional trap?

| 28th June 2022 | In the recent storyline, we have seen that Devansh’s enmity for Nayan is gradually evolving into love, which is making Rita very insecure.

In the episodes gone by, the audience has witnessed numerous instances where they feel that Devansh has developed a soft corner for Nayan. As Rita is unhappy seeing this, she is now using different methods to put an end to this budding romance. In today’s episode, she will emotionally blackmail Devansh and will try to make him pledge that if Nayan signs the divorce papers, he will also sign them without any questions asked.

Will Devansh fall into Rita’s tangle and accept her condition? Will Devansh choose Nayan over her mother? Watch today’s episode and find out what will happen to the duo in Nayan-Jo Vekhe Unvekha at 8:30 pm only on Zee Punjabi.



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