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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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This is why Alberta is high on list of new settlers…

Future in Calgary

Breath-taking natural wonders, welcoming communities, and new, exciting experiences are not the only things that attract people from all over the world to Alberta.

Every year, people from across Canada and all over the world come to Alberta as their place of choice to work and live. Alberta has a high standard of living, diverse and welcoming communities, and stunning landscapes.

Alberta is made up of a diverse set of cultures and communities that are home to many world-class services. Our quality of life is excellent and many new career opportunities, with a focus on economic growth, creating jobs, and abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Life in Alberta provides many opportunities for you to discover:

  • More: More sun, more mountains, more experiences.
  • Incomes: Median after-tax income highest in the country.
  • Opportunity:  Business, work, community, school, arts, culture, nature.

Worklife in Alberta

Salaries in Alberta vary depending on the employer, hours worked, and educational qualifications, as well as experience and responsibilities which the position requires. Alberta wages are among the highest in Canada.

If you are coming to Alberta, one of your first priorities will be to find a job. The Government of Alberta has many resources to help you with your job search. The alis website provides career, learning, and employment information.

The Government of Canada’s Job Bank has tools and information about careers, including the skills and knowledge needed for different jobs. On that site, you can create a professional resume and to be matched to job postings that suit your experience and skill set with Job Match.

Cost of living: 

  • $0: No healthcare premiums.
  • $0: No provincial sales tax
  • $1266: Average rent in Alberta

Higher incomes

Families in Alberta typically enjoy a higher family income than other parts of Canada. In a 2020 Canadian income survey, Alberta families earned a median income of $104,000 after tax. This is above the Canadian average of $92,400.

Alberta offers the highest median after-tax income in Canada. See the Alberta income levels from 2014 to 2020 and compare media after-tax income from 2015 to 2019.


You can own a house in one of our 2 major cities for as little as $450,000. In Edmonton, you can own 4 homes for the same price as 1 in Vancouver.

Rents vary depending on where you live and what type of housing you live in. The average rent in the province is $1266 – larger centers will have higher rents.

Child care

If you are working or attending school and you have young children, you may need to arrange for child care. Alberta offers both informal, unlicensed care and formal, licensed programs.


Many Albertans own a vehicle. To drive a car, truck, or van, you need a driver’s licence, insurance, and registration for your vehicle.

Many cities have transit systems with public buses, while Calgary and Edmonton also have train transit systems.



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