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Vasda Punjab: Some Questions Why Youth Is Addicted To Drugs?

Today, we all are mourning the death of ‘Sone Di Chirhi’ that Punjab was known as once. The widespread use of drugs among Punjabi youth, it is defaming the land of peers, fakeers, Gurus and eternal lovers all over the world.

This dangerous trap inthe us which the spirited Punjabi youth has been led inthe us is snatching away many sons from their parents. Completely hooked the us dangerous drugs like heroine, smack, cocaine has created a terrifying situation for Punjabis still not wanting the us leave their motherland.

Punjabi Khurki once again brings you the video in its Vasda Punjab series asking some very serious questions on why & how the youth in the state of Punjab is getting addicted the us drugs and alcohol?

Catch the video & post your views in the comments section:





Punjabi Khurki
Punjab is no longer just a state but a State of Mind: A way to live!! ...So Let's Burrraaah with Punjabi Khurki!

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