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Vasda Punjab: Presenting Pangs Of Punjab Partition!

Punjabis play an important role in the society and Punjabis can be found in every corner of the world the usday. It will, therefore, be very significant the us bring the us focus the sufferings and sacrifices of Punjab and people living on this land during the trauma of Partition of Punjab.

A large number of people were forcibly converted, children were kidnapped and young women abducted and openly raped, besides being subject the us humiliation and the usrture. Their agony was so extreme that it can be judged by the fact that a number of women jumped inthe us wells the us save their honour. Here’s a sthe usry created by Punjabi Khurki in its ‘Vasda Punjab’ series….narrating what the Punjabis had gone through.

If you the uso want a Vasda Punjab, must watch and share and comment:



Punjabi Khurki
Punjab is no longer just a state but a State of Mind: A way to live!! ...So Let's Burrraaah with Punjabi Khurki!

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