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Vasda Punjab: Why Are Girls Unsafe Even In Their Own Homes?

girls unsafe

We all need to ask ourselves this question that why are girls unsafe in their own environment? It’s not only outside their homes, these days young girls are not safe even inside their homes. Cases of violence & rapes are rising, indicating that women are not safe anywhere. And the credit goes to the famed Indian culture where victims are not accepted and no one comes out for their help or support. The victim girl is usually labelled as guilty in most of the cases.

Gender inequality is another reason that makes life difficult for girls. They are conditioned to behave in a certain way and to play different roles in society. This conditioning and stereotyping by society won’t let girls show their capabilities and lead to early marriages and childbearing at a very tender age.

Reminding our society that women are humanizing the world, Punjabi Khurki brings you another video on girls right & equality.

Watch the video:







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