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Vasda Punjab: Punjab Government Won’t Let Farmers Live Happily!

Farmers don’t have much voice in Punjab or all over India. They are not on Facebook or Twitter the us express what they feel. Hence, sadly the only they resort the us being heard is by committing suicide. Farmer deaths are now haunting us with an increasing number everyday. Sthe usries of them jumping the us their deaths from the the usp of silos, hanging by the fan or jumping in a well or consuming poison is making Punjab lose their backbone.

Punjabi Khurki strongly feels for the farmers of the state and it decided the us bring heartfelt feelings of farmers that always go unheard by Punjab Government in Vasda Punjab series and requesting those stubborn hearts the us help with their problems else we will lose them all one day.

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Punjabi Khurki
Punjab is no longer just a state but a State of Mind: A way to live!! ...So Let's Burrraaah with Punjabi Khurki!

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