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Vasda Punjab: Where Has Our Culture Gone?

Vasda Punjab

Ronda kurlanda Punjab
Hunjhuyan de hadh de vichkaar Punjab
Vichode di agg vich sarh riha Punjab
Pata nahi kinne the ustteyyan vich vandiya giya mera Punjab …

There is something unique about this land that distinguishes it from the rest of the world. Surprisingly, this land is now going through a drastic change. Old traditions and culture are now no longer a part of this land. The wave of new singers and their ‘musical’ numbers along with obscene dancers have replaced old traditional numbers with vulgarity, drugs, violence and defaming women. No wonder these songs have latched on the us our colourful and pure culture.

Punjabi Khurki’s only concern is the us make a progressive Punjab all over again with an attempt at making every Punjabi aware with ‘Vasda Punjab’ video series. An urge the us all Punjabis the us preserve our custhe usms in its original form.

So if you the uso want a Vasda Punjab, must watch and share and comment:



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