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US President may discuss Kashmir with PM Modi at G7

US President Donald Trump is reported to hold discussions on the Kashmir issue with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi when the two leaders meet on the sidelines of the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France, this weekend.

A senior US administration official told reporters that President Trump will hold discussions with PM Modi on the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir and human rights issues the G7 Summit.

“President Trump will likely want to hear from Prime Minister Modi on how he plans to reduce regional tensions and uphold respect for human rights in Kashmir,” the US official said.


After a brief conversation with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday, the US President once again offered his proposal to mediate on Kashmir, despite making it clear earlier that the ongoing issues in the region should be resolved bilaterally by both India and Pakistan.

Pakistan is endlessly trying to involve the international community in the wake of New Delhi’s historic decision to change the special status of Jammu and Kashmir by abrogating the Article 370.

India has stuck to its stand that the matter is strictly “internal” to the country and doesn’t call for any international intervention.

Earlier, Pakistan PM Imran Khan warned the global community about simmering tensions between nuclear-armed rivals Pakistan and India.

Intensifying his criticism of India, Imran had said that the possibility of having a dialogue with the Modi-led Hindu nationalist government has “nearly” ended.

In an interview with an American newspaper, Imran Khan denounced India’s Hindu nationalist government for terminating the autonomy of the India-controlled part of Kashmir.

Stating that there is no point in talking to India’s government, Imran Khan said, “I mean, I have done all the talking. Unfortunately, now when I look back, all the overtures that I was making for peace and dialogue, I think they took it for appeasement.”



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