Urban mental wellbeing index: Kochi, Chandigarh best; Kolkata, Chennai worst

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New Delhi, October 13

An independent firm tracking consumer insights and behaviour in its research on mental wellbeing of people in urban centres has shown that people in tier 2 cities are doing much better on the wellbeing index than those in metros.

In its second Mental Wellbeing Whitepaper released to mark the World Mental Health Day, TRA Research followed citizens across urban India and covered 1,003 respondents across 16 cities between July and September 2021.

It measured the nature of worry people had—health worry, economy worry, family worry and financial worry and their ability to cope with these challenges.

The research found Tier 2 cities displayed the highest mental wellbeing scores. Kochi showed the highest MWBI (Mental Wellbeing Index) 2021 score followed by Lucknow and Chandigarh. Indore and Jaipur were next displaying very good mental wellbeing scores.

The worst mental health scores came from Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Chennai.

TRA Research said in the 2020 Whitepaper the highest anxiety of citizens across India was financial worry at 60 pc. This has been reduced to 47 pc in MWBI 2021.

Proportion of people citing Family Worry has stayed almost constant, down by only 1 pc to 53 pc this year.

Health Worry at 49 pc and Economy Worry at 36 pc are also almost at similar levels as in 2020.




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