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The lapse in the Prime Minister’s security is very worrying – Bhagwant Mann

Chandigarh, January 5

Reacting to the security lapse of Prime Minister Modi, Aam Aadmi Party’s Punjab President and MP Bhagwant Mann expressed shock and termed it as very unfortunate. In a statement issued from the party headquarters, on Wednesday evening, Mann blamed the Congress government in Punjab for the incident, “The responsibility of the security of every single person in Punjab lies with the Punjab government. Irrespective of political differences, the lapse in the security of the Prime Minister is very worrying!” read his tweet.

Mann questioned the security arrangements of the Punjab government and said that when the government knew that the Prime Minister’s rally was being opposed, why were adequate security arrangements not made on that route? Mann described Channi government as very unstable and weak government and said that due to Congress’s weak government, these days incidents of blasts and sacrilege are happening in Punjab. Due to the civil war among the Congressmen, the security system of Punjab has collapsed and the people of Punjab have to bear the brunt of it. The Congress government has proved to be a complete failure in protecting the state and its people. This incident is clearly a security and intelligence failure on the behalf of government.

Mann expressed surprise that due to the failure of the Congress government, the name of Punjab has been tarnished in the entire country. Today questions are being raised all over the country regarding the security system of Punjab. Such incidents tarnish the image of the state. But the Congress leaders fighting among themselves for the chair are not concerned with the image and prestige of Punjab. Mann alleged that the state Home Minister is facing the allegation of transfer-posting of police officers for bribe and the DGP is about to change for the third time in three months. The chief minister himself is accused of having connections with the mafia. It is futile to expect good governance and safety of the people from such a government. A party running the business of transfer-posting sitting in power can never protect Punjab, said Mann.



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