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Tarsem Jassar and Mandy Takhar will be sharing screen on 3 Nov. Are you ready??

After Rabb da Radio Tarsem Jassar and Mandy Takhar both will be sharing screen in their upcoming movie Sardar Mohammad. In and as Sardar Mohammad the performance of Tarsem Jassar is par excellence. The subject of two Punjabs have always been truly emotional and sensitive. And touching this again I hope Tarsem Jassar’s upcoming movie will be a super hit as of Amrinder Gill’s Lahoriye.

In trailer we can feel the intensity of emotions and a big credit to bring out that emotion of different characters from various artists completely goes to the director and in this film man behind the camera was Harry Bhatti.

Story,Screenplay & Dialogues are written by a single man and this one man army is none other than Tarsem Jassar. This man is really unbelievable. He never ever gave his fans a single chance to point him out for anything. His work is always clean and perfect like his image.

This upcoming film includes a big starcast and that is Tarsem Jassar,Karamjit Anmol,Sardar Sohi,Rana Jang Bahadur,Neeta Mohindra, Rahul Jungral, Manjit Singh, Harshjot Kaur & Neetu Pandher.

If we talk about the music of this film than again we gonna have some quality lyrics which have been written by Tarsem Jassar,Kulbir Jhinjer & Narinder Bath. And the writers have sung also as the singers of this complete album includes Tarsem Jassar & Kulbir Jhinjer. Music to these lyrics and voices has been landed by R Guru.



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