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Ready for your first sexual encounter? Let’s make sure you get the best…

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With all nervousness and hesitation, when you are finally up for it, do make sure you are also well prepared for your first sexual encounter.

Sex in real life is never the same or that spontaneous as shown in movies. There are many things which need attention to make it the most memorable period of your life, as what happens that night would be imprinted in his mind forever.

There might be a lot of confusion in your head? But don’t worry, KHURKI has a checklist to make your first time memorable.

1. Pee before hopping into the bed

Once after is also advisable if you don’t want to get the baby bump!

2. Put your phone on silent or DND mode

Receiving calls during sex can be a mood spoiler!

3. Be kiss ready…

Muaaah…no harm in chewing on some mint for that extra freshness!

4. Use a sexy perfume

It’s the nose after the eye that needs to be appealing.

5. Take a nice, long shower

Use the best possible smelling soap!

6. Clean your surroundings

Nothing beats clean sheets!

7. Be on the safer side

Have your own c….m!

8. File your nails

Avoid pain and marks…

9. Shave everything

Smooth smooth all over

10. Choose a seductive lingerie

(Ooh la la)

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Punjabi Khurki
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