20-year-old woman dies after stalker repeatedly stabs her in Greater Noida

New Delhi, June 23: Khushboo, a 22-year-old woman, succumbed to her injuries on Saturday after she was repeatedly stabbed by a stalker outside a retail store in Jagat Farms’s Buggon supermarket at AK Plaza in Greater Noida on Friday.

He took this step after the woman had refused his marriage proposal.

Kuldeep (25) also tried to kill himself when he was cornered by the onlookers and police. The police rushed the victim as well as the accused to Kailash Hospital.

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Khushboo was accosted by the accused in front the supermarket around 11.30 am. There’s a police outpost barely 100 metres away.

“Kuldeep arrived in front of the shop and asked the woman to talk to him. Khushboo, along with the accused, headed towards the first floor of the plaza. The CCTV footage shows that Khushboo tried to free her hand from Kuldeep’s grasp and head towards the washroom. Kuldeep then repeatedly attacked her with a knife and later stabbed himself,” said Shalendra Pratap Singh, SHO of the Kasna police station.

“When he attacked the woman, she started screaming for help and we all emerged from our shops. Kuldeep started running towards the ground floor and then the first and second floors to escape. We tried to stop him but he kept threatening everybody with the knife. Meanwhile, the police were informed and within minutes, two cops arrived at the plaza.

After seeing the cops, Kuldeep went back to the same spot where the girl was lying and stabbed himself,” said Surendra Kumar, who works at a shop in AK Plaza.

The police rushed both Khushboo and Kuldeep to the nearby Kailash Hospital in an auto-rickshaw. Khushboo, who was critical, later succumbed to her injuries on Saturday while Kuldeep’s condition was said to be stable.

Earlier, a case of attempt to murder had been registered against the accused, the SHO said.

Source Tribune India