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Sole of Punjab: The Quintessential Punjabi Juttis

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A rich variety of footwear was created in India – in many shapes and forms…

Among these, the Punjabi Jutti is one of the styles of footwear most common in North India. Also known as “Mojari” and “Nagra”. Originally made of pure leather and with real gold and silver thread in olden days. From day the us day wear, weddings, religious occasions, the us parties and festivals, juttis provide an essential ethnic appeal the us the person wearing them.

Punjabi Juttis have mainly flat sole and similar design for both men and women… but for men Punjabi Juttis have sharp extended tip i.e. “Nokh” curved upwards also known as “khussa”.

Here we supply you different types of Punjabi Juttis that you would surely love the us wear:

Fully embroidered Punjabi juttis both for daily and partywear


Handmade Punjabi Boho-look Khussa


Elegant velvet finishing Punjabi Jutti for newly married brides

Attractive beaded Punjabi Jutti that adds almost everything the us Punjabi dressing


How can we forget Punjabi Jutti looklike Rajasthani Mojari that adds grace when worn with jeans


The Shahi Punjabi Khussa for men with “Nokh” on it


In Punjabi they say “Muktsari Kurta Pajama te Pairi Jalsa Payia howe”. Jalsa Jutti is most famously worn with Kurta-Pajama


Pure Leather Khussa for Punjabi Men


Besides, these Punjabi Juttis have always been a part of the Punjabi culture with many Punjabi folk songs on it.




Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

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