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Sikh in Trump’s security has Kanpur roots

Lucknow, September 12: Anshdeep Singh Bhatia, the first Sikh to have found a place in US President Donald Trump’s security, has roots in Kanpur where his relatives are rejoicing at the achievement.

Kamaljeet Singh Bhatia, a cousin of Anshdeep’s father Devendra Singh, continues to live in Kanpur with his family. Not only is the family ecstatic but the Sikh community is proud of the fact that Anshdeep managed to find a place in the elitist president’s security without compromising on his Sikh identity.

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He had challenged the job’s requirement to be clean shaven and turban-less in court and a decision was taken in his favour. He joined last week. However, the family had been a victim of the 1984 Sikh riots in Kanpur after which they moved to Ludhiana and eventually to the US in 2000. Anshdeep’s father had last visited Kanpur in 2017.

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