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No way sex ratio could not have improved as per targets: Brahm Mohindra

Chandigarh, April 24: Mr. Brahm Mohindra, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, said that it is matter of serious concern that the sex ratio of the state could have not improved as per the set targets. He said that the Punjab Government has considered the ever decreasing sex ratio a serious blot on the face of the state.

Brahm Mohindra

The Punjab Government has framed a comprehensive policy to check the lower count of girl child born per 1000 boys’ births by ensuring proper implementation of total ban on the pre-diagnostic tests. In this direction, the Health Department has issued a set of strict instructions by which all the ultrasound centers would put under 24×7 online surveillance while the police verification of doctors and other staff posted at such centers has been made mandatory.

Minister Brahm Mohindra said that Health Department has decided to execute a consistent campaign to enforce the Pre Conception (PC) and Pre Natal Diagnostic Test (P.N.D.T) Act with an iron hand. He said that instructions down the line to the all and sundry in health paraphernalia of the state have been issued by which it has been made categorically clear that henceforth any iota of laxity in any reported case of female foeticide and in pre diagnostic tests would now be considered as criminal conspiracy on the part of the erring. He said that any

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