Home ENTERTAINMENT Sardar Mohammad’s ‘Maa’ will make you love your mother more!!

Sardar Mohammad’s ‘Maa’ will make you love your mother more!!


Maa is not just a word it’s an ocean of emotions and love. Mothers connect you to your roots. For a human being, the roots with which he is connected, play a vital role in his life. Everybody’s childhood stories and naughtiness are incomplete without mother’s affection, care and scolding.

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After the humungous success of Rabb Da Radio, Tarsem Jassar and team are back with one more heart touching film ‘Sardar Mohammad’. This movie will depict the story of the man who believes in, Unity in diversity.

And now the song ‘Maa’ from the movie ‘Sardar Mohammad’ is out and it’s a must listen song. The song is beautifully sung by Kubir Jhinjer. In the video, Tarsem Jassar’s and his reel mother’s emotional expressions will left you in tears. All the feelings one must go through when one’s mother is taken away from one and vice versa are beautifully described through this one song. Lyrics of the song are also jotted down by Narinder Batth. The beats are given by music director R Guru.

Go guys watch it if you really love your mother!!!



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