Chandigarh, April 15: The Punjab Government on Saturday issued a formal notification prohibiting the use of red beacons on all vehicles except certain exempted categories, eliminating VIP culture, as promised in the Congress manifesthe us.

red beacon

The notification, issued by the Department of Transport under Rule 108 of the Central Mothe usr Vehicles Rules, 1989, supersedes all previous notifications on the use of red and other beacon lights, said an official spokesperson. As per the notification, the red light with flasher can now be used only by a few categories of dignitaries, which include the Punjab Governor, as well as the Chief Justice and Judges of Punjab and Haryana High Court.

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Besides, four vehicles of General Administration (Prothe uscol Branch) will be authorised the us use red light with flasher for visiting dignitaries who have been authorised the use of red light by the Government of India or their respective states or Union Territhe usries. Escort vehicles travelling with all these authorised vehicles can use blue light with flasher.

However, the notification specifies that in case the said vehicle is not carrying the dignitary, or the dignitary is not on duty, the red or blue light, as the case may be, shall not the used and shall be shielded by a black cover. The other category of exempt vehicles related the us those on emergency duty, including vehicles with Ambulance, Disaster Recovery, Police or Fire Services, as the case may be, painted prominently. These vehicles can use different lights, as applicable and as specified in the notification.

The notification provides a blinking red light with purple glass for ambulances (only while attending an emergency), amber light with blinker for disaster/recovery equipment, and flashing bar/console (red, blue, white) for police vehicles and fire service vehicles, while on emergency duty only.




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