Many of you must have this question in mind whether it is right to have a crush on your cousin? Khurki would say it’s perfectly normal. Remember having a crush on your cousin doesn’t make you a bad person or freak. It happens at a stage when teenagers start developing feelings for the opposite sex and if you are happy being close to your cousin, it is okay! You don’t need to react to this relation but start feeling it and remember these things….

You are not the only one

For those who think they are the only ones who has this feeling for their cousin, you are wrong mate. You aren’t alone. I know at least six to seven people who had a crush on their cousin, so it’s actually pretty common.

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Don’t beat yourself up

There is nothing wrong in you. So stop being too hard on yourself. If you feel bad about it then don’t encourage these feelings, it happens to a lot of people and it’s not abnormal so relax.

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Give yourself time

Give yourself time to get over your crush. Take as much time as you need to move on. If you can’t get rid of these feelings yourself, consider seeing people who can help you.

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Find someone else in your life

Finding someone else can actually help you move on and will help take your mind off those emotions towards your cousin. I know this might be hard to think about, but it will work.

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Don’t act

Don’t act on this feeling because your family could cause a lot of conflict and controversy. So resist it and don’t tell someone who you think can create a mess for you.

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Understand it is normal

You might feel that you are in love with your cousin and that they are your bf or gf, but it depends on how old you are and if you are going through hormonal changes.

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If you strongly feel for each other

Then take out the fear of social acceptance. If you decide to proceed with this relationship, you need to be ready to handle awkward questions and deal with the judgment from people as it is inevitable. Of course, other people’s opinions don’t matter as long as you both are happy, but they can still hurt.

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If you decide to get married

If your family supports you and marriage is allowed, consult a doctor for genetic counselling. Being relatives, you carry similar genes, which increases the risk of genetic disorders and congenital defects. It might not be safe for you to have children.

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