Mumbai, February 21: Amidst an unprecedented rise in cyber frauds and manifold jump in online financial transactions, the Reserve Bank, in a quirky bid to drive its public awareness campaigns, has roped in Punjabi singer-rapper Viruss to drive home its points this time.

Launched officially over the weekend on its Twitter handle, the campaign features popular Punjabi rapper Viruss whose 2017 Indie hit ‘Bam Bhole’ was recreated for the Akshay Kumar-Kiara Advani starrer ‘Laxmii’ recently. RBI has the largest Twitter followers among major central banks.

What’s interesting about the latest campaign is that the central bank, which since the lockdowns has been very active on social media, has deployed a peppy rap music to issue its latest directives to the public on how they can and should protect themselves against cybercrimes and identity theft.

Significantly, Viruss has done the video pro bono for the Central Bank.

The campaign appeals and encourages the public, especially the tech-savvy netizens who tends to transact online, on staying ‘satark’ or alert against some common fraudsters and cyber security threats.




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