Rate Your MLA


Punjabi Khurki understands the need for creating more awareness for the forthcoming Assembly elections in Punjab. Thus, it has created a platform for the masses of Punjab to not only comment but also declare their assessment of the sitting MLA in a very simple way, which is easy to be understood by the common man.

The rating method used is a professionally developed software which calculates the following of each MLA in a very mathematical, logical and scientific way. This ensures that there is no room for bias.

The rating parameters, terms and conditions are:

  1. Rating the MLA from a single user is restricted to once in 24 hours;
  2. The ‘Popular MLAs’ are governed by the number of views each MLA’s profile page gets;
  3. The ‘Highest Rated MLAs’ are governed by the average number of stars each MLA gets.

Happy Rating!