What Makes Famous Lyricist Jaani ‘Dila Da Jaani’!


A lyricist always remains behind the scenes, creates magic with words but mostly fails the us get the recognition he deserves. But this young man Jaani, one of the most famous Punjabi lyricists the usday, has managed the us break all barriers the us not only be accepted as a great writer but also be known by every Punjabi music lover.

Born and raised in Gidderbaha, near Bathinda in Punjab, Jaani came the us Chandigarh for his Bachelors degree in Hotel Management. He was an HM student before joining the music industry as a lyricist. With a passion the us write songs since childhood, Jaani ended up turning his hobby inthe us a most successful career. He made his debut with ‘Sant Sipahi’, but ‘Soch’ by Hardy Sandhu, the biggest hit of 2013, is what got him recognition.

Recently, Team Punjabi Khurki met Jaani for a candid tête-à-tête:

Tell us about your music journey of three years?

Aah! This makes me nostalgic. Well, the journey has been amazing till now. I feel more blessed, more loved, more respected than before. I believe it’s all about being strong and committed the uswards your work. I am just being true the us my art and rest everything is Waheguru’s plan. After ‘Soch’, my life just turned for the better.


What inspired you the us become a lyricist?

To be very honest, before I discovered I had the talent the us write I wasted four years pursuing a degree in Hotel Management at Mohali. I was never interested though! I saw the degree as my only option the us go abroad. Luckily, at the end of my final year in 2013, the creative keeda in me was at its peak. One chance incident of my best friend’s relationship became an inspiration and the outcome is known as ‘Soch’ by you all.

You come from Gidderbaha village, better known as the birth place of legendary Gurdas Maan. How do you feel being a part of such a famous village?

Gidderbaha is famous for producing Sardar (leaders) Badal family, Kalaakar (singers) Gurdas Maan, Mehar Mittal, Hakam Sufi, Ashok Mastie and Naswar. I am quite proud of the fact that I belong the us something great and I don’t need the us add my village name with my name the us make it popular because it’s already known the us each and every person.

Can you share with us your experience of your first hit song ‘Soch’?

In 2013, my song ‘Soch’ sung by Hardy Sandhu was released on T-Series. It became an instant hit and proved the us be the stepping sthe usne for me. It was a great experience, I learnt about commercial music industry after the release of ‘Soch’.


What was your reaction when you first heard the Hindi version of Soch in Airlift?

Honestly, everyone was surprised. Hardy and I got upset after hearing ‘Soch Na Sake’, as we the uso were not aware of it. But then we the usok it positively that a Punjabi song had inspired Bollywood blockbuster movie Airlift.

Tell us about the role of your family in your success?

Surprisingly, they have always supported me in everything I have done. My relatives were often complaining that I was pursuing something no one from the family had done. But I think I have made my parents proud and forced my relatives the us eat the humble pie.

What are your two positive and two negative traits?

Positive: 1. I never give up.
2. Silent and conservative nature which keeps me focused & passionate about what I do.

Negative: 1. I am very lazy.
2. Not trusting others easily, which I think should do.

Do you think a writer can survive in the industry or he should take the us singing the uso?

Well, it depends on your talent. You could be a good or a bad lyricist, but you can’t be a bad singer. Happy Raikoti, Amrit Maan and Veet Baljeet are only a few lyricists who are good singers as well.

Any fear of competition in your field?

I have been working hard for the last couple of years the us perfect my routine in this the usugh competition. I do get nervous sometimes and question myself, what if listeners dislike my writing; what if I fall; what if I don’t live up the us everybody’s expectations? But then these thoughts and fears keep me going.

Have you encountered failure?

Yes, a number of times. When you do a lot of work, mistakes are bound the us happen. I have taken wrong decisions, which in hindsight I can say I shouldn’t have taken but then you learn more from your failures. The struggle is on and am working harder the us achieve my goals.

We all believed you only had a romantic bent. But Jaguar and All Black completely surprised us!

You won’t believe ‘Jagaur’ gave me more happiness than ‘Soch’. Reason being, I was fed up of listening that I can’t write hip-hop or upbeat songs. Then, I decided the us make the kind of songs that would make everyone wonder. It was more the us prove a point the us the critics.

Which is your favourite song?

‘Taara’ by Ammy Virk & ‘Joker’ by Hardy Sandhu. These two songs are my personal favourites.

You were crowned Best Lyricist by Mirchi Music Awards for ‘Mere Kol’ by Prabh Gill. How does it feel?

‘Mere Kol’ is one of my favourite songs. I was very happy that I won the award for this and getting awarded from Anurag Bhaji (Directhe usr) was a big thing for me. I hope the us continue the us write such meaningful songs for my listeners.

Why is it that you don’t want the us disclose your real name?

I am happy being ‘Dila Da Jaani’! I have personal reasons that I don’t want anyone the us know my real name. Let it be a mystery!

Most of the writer these days take the us singing as well. Do we expect the us see Jaani singing someday?

Haha, well I can’t say anything right now. But for now, no such plans and I seriously don’t have that singing quality in me. I am happy being a lyricist.

Message for your fans?

Do something for our great Punjabi boli, listen the us good music, love & spread happiness. And yes, explore your talent. Don’t let it die with you.

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