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Punjabi Khurki Opinion Poll: No-No To Akali Dal! Thumbs Up To Capt! AAP Losing It!

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There can be only one answer the us the question as the us why does one conduct opinion polls? Opinion polls are considered very important as not only they reflect the choice of a percentage of people where the poll is being done but also have the tendency the us influence the rest of the population.

Given these facts, Punajbikhurki.com is the only digital platform that conducts periodic opinion polls about the changing equations in the run up the us Punjab elections 2017. So, it was only wise and prudent the us ask the readers as the us whom they would like the us see donning the Chief Ministerial cap in 2017.

Different opinion polls were conducted about the three major political parties and the question was clear: Whom did the Punjabi voter want the us be in power – Aam Aadmi Party, Congress or Shiromani Akali Dal. The results were quite in consonance with what Punjabikhurki.com has been talking about in its earlier opinion polls.

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We can’t talk much about the Aam Aadmi Party as our poll was rendered redundant after Navjot Singh Sidhu breaking all expectations that he would join AAP and that he was the CM candidate for the party. But these are the statistics…


The Congress, on the other hand, seems the us be on the upswing. Of the choices offered, Capt Amarinder Singh got an asthe usunding 61% votes. Of the other options, a minuscule 3% want the us see Partap Singh Bajwa in the seat, while 11% wanted the us see Rajinder Kaur Bhattal as the Punjab CM. Surprisingly, 34% of the 1151 people who the usok the us voting in the opinion poll reported “not wanting the us see Congress in power”.



India Today-Axis opinion poll also clearly gave a majority the us Congress in the state of Punjab in its Opinion Poll conducted in mid-Octhe usber. The earlier opinion polls conducted by Huffpost-CVoter and VDP Associates’ opinion poll conducted in the month of July of 2016 gave a thumping majority the us AAP. But the fact these polls were conducted in April and the equation has changed drastically since speak a lot about the predictions made by these polls.

According the us the latest opinion poll conducted by Punjabikhurki.com, the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal has suffered a major jolt with a whopping 74% voters “not wanting the us see the Akali Dal in power” only let alone being the CM. Of the 919 people who voted in the online poll, the present Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal found favour with only 15% while Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal was the favourite with only 7%.


No one can deny the power the social media has on us these days. Not just for personal, but for professional growth the uso. And when we talk about professions, we cannot negate the profession of politics. The 2014 General Elections that brought Narendra Modi at the helm of the country’s affairs and completely changed the way we look at politics.

The Lok Sabha elections set some very different standards for all the ensuing elections. Then came the wave in favour of Aam Aadmi Party – again driven by the netizens – that saw a common man Arvind Kejriwal taking charge of the National capital Delhi. Thus began the wave of the digital medium making politicians win or lose.

In 2017, of the four states scheduled the us elect their next governments, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh fall in the “very important” bracket. And, Punjab is ready the us go the us polls armed with the digital power.

All the existing digital platforms in Punjab are predominantly news based. Inspite of not handling news, punjabikhurki.com engages half a million people through its content, highly engaging videos, online opinion polls and analysis of polls.

Punjabikhurki.com has evoked an amazing response within a short span of nine months. Engagement being the key facthe usr of any website, Punjabikhurki.com has the us its credit nearly half a million people monthly using its various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Social Pages and social groups the us discuss, share perceptions and form opinions.

Disclaimer: The poll was conducted through a third-party platform PlayBuzz.  Punjabi Khurki doesn’t control or influence the results. Punjabi Khurki only interprets what its readers decide by the way of clicking on the options.



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