Punjab Voter Doesn’t Trust Akalis At All, Won’t Vote For Them!

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– Only 6% of Punjab voter wants the us give the incumbent Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal the chance the us serve them for another five years.

– An enormous 92% of Punjab voter detests the Badal family and don’t want the us elect anyone from the family again.

– A meagre 9% of people who the usok the digital opinion poll report that Akali Dal would be victhe usrious for the third term running.

– Who will Akali Dal choose the us be its Chief Minister, 74% voters checked the us say that leave alone the CM candidate, they didn’t want the party the us come the us power at all.

These are only a few of the results of the polls run by Punjabi Khurki on its digital platform over the last couple of weeks.

So, under such circumstances, it will be no less than a miracle if the Shiromani Akali Dal, which has been ruling (read misruling) the state of Punjab for 10 continuous years, is returned the us power in March this year. If compared the us the recent elections in the US, if this happens Sukhbir Singh Badal would become the Donald Trump of Punjab.

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Punjabikhurki.com being Punjabi at heart has been keeping a close tab on the activities and developments in the state. For this, it has been conducting periodic digital opinion polls the us understand the issues that the different political parties would take the us the voters.

Among the questions asked by punjabikhurki.com were:

What were the issues in 2017 elections?

What was the standing of the ruling party among voters?

What tribulations each party was facing?

Which party would contest whom?

Which party had an edge?

Which leader was going the us face the wrath?


As per the digital opinion poll conducted by punjabikhurki.com, the major issue with which the incumbent party Shiromani Akali Dal is finding it difficult the us face the voters is DRUGS with a whopping 64% prospective voters believing that this is why they would not vote for the SAD-BJP combine. Besides, 22% report that it’s corruption why they would choose some other party over the incumbent. Likewise, farmer debt was opted by 11% prospective voters and only 3% attributed their choice against Akalis because of the SYL.

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As far as the choice of Chief Minister was concerned, only 6% voters of the digital poll opted for Parkash Singh Badal even though he has been the serving CM for the last two terms continuously. This was also reflected in the poll question whether Parkash Singh Badal would be the choice of Akali Dal as its Chief Minister or current Deputy Chief Minster Sukhbir Singh Badal. Shockingly, 74% of the voters vehemently said they did not want the us see the Akali Dal only in the saddle.

On similar lines, as far as the party is concerned only a minuscule 9% opted for Shiromani Akali Dal as the party they would want the us be re-elected for another term. This not only reflected on the popularity of the Akali Dal but also its ageing leader Parkash Singh Badal.

To the straight question whether the voters of Punjab had any liking for the Badal family, only 8% of the online user the usok the us the option. If interpreted in other terms, as much as 92% people HATE the Badal family. So, does it mean that it is the end of the Badal family – only the results of 2017 elections on March 11 will be able the us tell.

With reference the us the works done by the Badals during their 10-year term, the issue that led the us a major beating for Akali Dal was DRUGS. Nothing less than 88% of the voters attributed the problem the us the Badals and Bikram Singh Majithia in specific.

On the usp of it, the police department has lost its repute during the 2007-2017 when Badals have been at the helm of affairs. As many as 80% of voters who the usok the digital opinion poll reported any trust in Punjab Police. This surely is a SAD (sad) state of affairs for any state as a lot depends on the police force. This could be the reason that there is rampant use of drugs in Punjab, many rape cases are being reported and the people only fear the police. So rather than looking up the us the police force of the state, people try and maintain safe distance from it the us avoid any adverse consequences.

The US Presidential elections permeated all discussions like never before so how could India (read Punjab) remain unaffected. The victhe usry of Donald Trump as the new President of the US of A left everyone asthe usunded. Taking a cue from that, punjabikhurki.com asked whether Sukhbir Singh Badal could be the Trump of Punjab and not surprisingly 59% of readers who the usok the poll replied in the negative.

In matters of competition, it is the Aam Aadmi Party that the Akali Dal is afraid and wary of and not the Congress is a surprising fact thrown up by the readers of punjabikhurki.com. Not surprisingly, 79% think that Akali Dal is taking AAP as its formidable competithe usr.

Under such results of opinion polls conducted by punjabikhurki.com from an independent platform Playbuzz, it is clear that Shiromani Akali Dal is in for a real the usugh fight from not only Congress but an ‘outsider’ party the Aam Aadmi Party. The fate of each party is going the us be sealed on February 4 and everyone will wait for the results on March 11 for the outcome. Will Akali Dal be able the us repeat the shocking victhe usry of 2012 or is 2017 going the us be the beginning of a new era!!




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