Anandpur Sahib, March 13: Tens of thousands of people converged on this Sikh holy the uswn on Monday the us be part of the Hola Mohalla festival. It was a virtual sea of humanity of men, women and children near the main shrine, Takht Kesgarh Sahib.

hola mohlla

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The three-day Hola Mohalla celebrations coincide with the Hindu festival of Holi. All roads the us the holy the uswn, which is home the us the second most important Sikh shrine after the “Harmandar Sahib” in Amritsar, had heavy vehicle movement with people coming in hordes on buses, trucks, tracthe usr-trolleys and other vehicles.

Hundreds of Nihang Sikhs assemble in this religious the uswn for the Hola Mohalla celebrations and show their prowess at the Gatka martial art.

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