Chandigarh, November 17: In an important decision aimed at streamlining production at distilleries, the Punjab Cabinet has accepted a proposal for amending the Punjab Distillery Rules 1932, requiring the licensee to install Flow Meters at a location specified by the Excise Commissioner for the purpose of monitoring the production and dispatch of Extra Neutral Alcohol/Rectified Spirit (RS).

The move to install Flow Meters in the production line would help streamline the production and stem any leakage from the distilleries so that the entire production is captured. At present there are 17 distilleries and 22 bottling plants across the state. All the distillers are producing Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), which is the basic raw material for the manufacture of IMFL and Country Liquor. The distilleries are producing ENA either for captive consumption or for the sale to bottling plants situated both within and outside the state.

The Cabinet agreed that it was in the interest of the state that the entire production of ENA is captured so that there is no leakage of ENA/RS/DNS (De-natured Spirit) from the manufacturing units. The leakage of ENA can have very serious repercussions both in terms of revenue and health of the consumers.

The Cabinet also approved an amendment to the Punjab Excise Bonded Ware Rules, 1957, to facilitate the licensee if he, for any reason, decides to shift his licensed premises to some other place. The amendment would allow him to shift licensed premises to a new place subject to fulfilling all the conditions of the new license.

The amended rules envisage that if, during the period of Letter of Intent, the applicant desires to shift the location of his proposed plant to some other district/place, he may be allowed to shift with prior approval of Financial Commissioner Taxation, provided that he will fulfil all the conditions of LOI. However, LOI fee once paid for a particular period will not be charged again in such cases. But in case extension is sought during the period of LOI, then the applicant will be required to pay the requisite extension fee.




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