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Monday, October 3, 2022
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Who’s the real Princess here? Sara Gurpal or Mauni Roy??

Craze and love for cartoon series Aladdin can’t be explained. In fact that’s my favorite too and I’m sure must be your’s also. And now our very own Sara Gurpal is going to be the Princess Jasmine and the singer. Yes you read it right my dear….she is debuting as a singer with this song. So along with beauty we will be listening to her melodious voice also.

And you know what excite us more is that who would be her Prince. Did she Find her Prince Charming? So are you ready for this surprise?? Isn’t it looks like a dream project?

Well for that we all have to wait as it has not been revealed yet. But I must say that Sara looks amazingly gorgeous in Princess’s avtar.

Sara’s new song Slow Motion in which she would be the princess, will be releasing soon in this month under the banner of Yellow Music. And the beats are given by Gold Media.

Earlier some other celebs have also tried this look. And TV actress Mauni Roy when flaunted her Jasmine look she looked like real princess…

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What say….


Have you decided? I know no one is less than a princess!! So not to worry, just get ready for Sara’s new single track and stay tuned!!







Amrita Garg
Amrita Garg
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