PM says ‘hatred for Modi’ sole glue binding opposition

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New Delhi, July 3: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said the proposed grand opposition alliance is merely a “grand race” by his rivals to be the prime minister and is driven by “personal survival and power politics”.

In an interview to Swarajya magazine, he said the opposition had no agenda except to remove him and that “hatred for Modi” is their “sole gluing force” as he expressed confidence that people would vote the BJP back to power in the next Lok Sabha elections.

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In a swipe at the Congress, he said the main opposition party is fighting a battle for its survival (“astitva ki ladai”) and is now running from pillar to post looking for allies after people rejected its “high-handedness”.

Ridiculing the Rahul Gandhi-led party, the PM said it is now like a regional party and could not become a cementing force or anchor for any alliance of opposition parties against him.

Dubbing the next election a choice between governance and development on one side and chaos on the other, the PM cited the example of Karnataka, where the Congress-JD(S) alliance “stole the mandate” to form government with “development taking a backseat”.

“In any election, a non-ideological and opportunist coalition is the best guarantee for chaos,” he said, describing Karnataka as “a trailer of what is possibly in store”.

You would expect ministers meeting each other to solve development issues but in Karnataka they met only to quell infighting, he said.

The BJP, he said, contested elections on the issues of development and good governance and the mandates it had received in state after state are historic.

“Hence, we are confident that people will repose their trust in us. They (opposition) have no agenda except to remove Modi. Hatred for Modi is the sole gluing force for the opposition,” he said.

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