Plasma to be provided free of cost, no sale/purchase to be allowed, says Punjab CM

Pooled blood platelets. Researcher holding a bag containing pooled donor blood platelets, or thrombocytes, suspended in blood plasma (the liquid component of blood). Platelets are blood cell fragments and are essential for blood clotting. These have been collected from a number of different donors (pooled). The platelets are separated from the other blood components by centrifugation. Platelet transfusions are used to treat patients with low numbers of platelets in the blood (thrombocytopeania), or dysfunctional platelets (thrombasthenia). 117452493 bag, biology, blood, blood donation, blood platelet, bottle, clotting, coagulation, colour, crossmatching, donation, donor blood, full frame, haematology, healthcare and medicine, human biology, human hand, lab, laboratory, liquid, lower arm, medical, medicine, mid adult, mid adult women, one person, part of the body, pipette, plasma, platelet, pooled, sample, science, series, thrombocyte, tube, vertical, photography

Chandigarh, July 30: Amid spiralling Covid infections and deaths, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Thursday said that plasma will be provided free of cost by the state government to all those in need.

Captain Amarinder directed the Health Department to strictly ensure that Covid patients are not charged for plasma therapy and that nobody is allowed to buy or sell plasma, which has proven a life-saver in many cases in the absence of any cure for Coronavirus.

The Chief Minister also appealed to the recovered Covid patients to come forward to save the lives of others. He urged DCs and health department officials, during a Covid management review VC meeting, to motivate such patients to donate plasma. Currently, there are around 10000 recovered Covid patients in the state, he said, adding that his government’s priority was to save each and every life in Punjab.

The Chief Minister asked the Health Department to expedite setting up of two new Plasma Banks at Amritsar and Fardikot, to supplement the one already operational in Patiala. He was informed by Minister OP Soni that the approvals for the new banks had already been received and tenders were being floated for procurement of equipment.

Expressing concern over the increasing number of cases in the state, Captain Amarinder also asked Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu to send a viable proposal for earmarking 10 beds in all the district hospitals for treatment and care of mild/minor cases of infection. The Health Minister had earlier proposed such dedicated facility in all the civil hospitals of the state.

The Chief Minister also asked the DCs to ensure proper coordination and care in the tertiary facilities for the very sick patients, and also work closely with the dedicated nodal officers appointed in five districts with the highest caseload. These officers have been tasked with ensuring high quality treatment in consultation with experts led by Dr KK Talwar.

Chief Secretary Vini Mahajan suggested that all the field officers, including DCs and SSPs, should remain at their headquarter towns even at night for the next two months, as this was a critical period for Punjab, with projected spike during this time. These officers are expected to be in command of the situation at all times, she added.