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Videshi servers ‘host’ Patanjali websites: Cong

Jalandhar, August 22: Vice-president of the state unit of the Congress Himanshu Pathak today alleged that despite Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali’s entire campaign based on the promotion of “swadeshi” products and services and boycott of “videshi” (foreign) products, Patanjali as a brand, is heavily relying on foreign web portals based in the US, etc, for its promotion through websites and advertisements.


Pathak alleged that a lot of money from Patanjali was making way to the companies hosting these websites of Baba Ramdev’s swadeshi brand, contrary to the yoga guru’s very vocal support and advocacy to the Indian populace to buy and adopt “swadeshi” (or India made) goods and services.Alleging that the servers of various key and subsidiary websites of Baba Ramdev’s and his brand Patanjali have been traced to foreign IP addresses and Internet portals, Pathak said a lot of money for the support, advertisement as well as publicity of Patanjali as a brand was hence being routed to foreign Internet companies in stark contradiction to Baba Ramdev’s exhortations to the Indian public to buy and consume local-made goods.Detailing the yoga guru’s and his brand’s websites hosted on foreign servers, Pathak alleged, “The IP address of has been traced to an IP address based in Miami, Florida, that of to amazon web services, that of to an IP address based in Miami, Florida, and that of to a web server in Temple, Arizona. Similarly, servers hosting websites, and were also traced to foreign companies.” He also produced a document with details of these IP addresses and their numbers.

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