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Pat King faces two new charges of perjury, obstruction of justice

Ottawa, April 14: Ottawa convoy organizer Pat King is facing two new charges, the day after his bail review hearing came to an abrupt and unexpected halt Wednesday when his lawyer’s computer appeared to be hacked.

The details of the hacking were protected by a publication ban ordered by Justice Graeme Mew, but he lifted the order this morning after hearing arguments from a lawyer representing several media outlets.

The rest of the evidence and testimony from court Wednesday and today still cannot be shared.

Today, the Crown announced it would lay new charges against King: perjury and obstruction of justice.

Those charges are expected to be laid this afternoon.

King’s lawyer, David Goodman, was appearing by video conference during the proceedings Wednesday when a robotic female voice started speaking from his computer, warning him not to turn off or restart the machine because his IP address had been accessed.

Later, the Crown relayed that Goodman’s client files appeared to have been compromised, but today Goodman says nothing has been corrupted.



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