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It’s Parmish Verma only who can make such a message-filled song!


In the times the use of abuses is considered very hep and cool, here comes a message that is absolute contrary to the trend. And because it has been created by a strong influencer in the Punjabi music industry, Parmish Verma, it sure is going to be noticed.

Though more of a fun video, presented as a cool sharing of feelings between friends, Parmish has given a strong reaction to the lyricists who come out with bawdy writings, much to the distaste of many music lovers.

The title “Gaal Ni Kadni” doesn’t need any explanation. The message is good and Parmish has been to express it in an awesome manner.

Director-turned-actor-turned-singer, Parmish Verma’s debut track was LE CHAKK MAIN AA GYA which was also based on his story of his struggles or learning period as he calls it. And now comes Gaal Ni Kadni which also talks about his life but unlike his earlier song, this song talks about all bubbly and fun moments of his life.

Lyrics are penned by Vicky Gill and the musical beats have been lent by Desi Crew and trust me they will definitely make you Move your lakk baby.

The VFX of the song are the second thing that have really enhanced the fun element in the video and credit goes to Param Khepar from Parmish’s Crew. Editor Monty has also done a great job with the video.

Concept, screenplay and direction has been done by multi-talented Parmish Verma himself and he has done a fab job if we talk about the video of the song which has been released under Speed Records label.



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