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Not satisfied with your meals on trains? Now, send instant feedback with tablets

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New Delhi, Sep 16: Now, you can inform the Indian Railways instantly what was wrong with the food and services offered in premium trains.

Tablets will be used for instant feedback, similar to its use in high-end restaurants.

According to sources, the tablets would be introduced in Tejas, Rajdhani, August Kranti and Shatabdi Express from Saturday.

The tablet was used on a trial basis for the first time on the Ahmedabad-Delhi Rajdhani on Thursday.

IRCTC chief spokesperson Pinakin Morawala said.”The tablets will help us get customer feedback immediately. This will help us not only to improve the quality of food and services but also will let us know the customer feedback.” said an IRCTC official.

“We have received the tablets and have given it to our staff. The tablets for passenger feedback will be introduced in Tejas Express and Rajdhani from Saturday.” said Arvind Malkhede, General Manager, West Zone, IRCTC.a

The software on the tablet records the name, phone number and train details of the passenger. Then it poses a series of questions to determine the food experience on the journey.

Once recorded, passengers will get a message on their mobile phones, thanking them for the feedback and checking if the information provided to the Railways is genuine

This comes after passengers aboard the Tejas Express had earlier complained of flimsy quantities of food and no breakfast.

Source Hindustan Times



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