Punjabi Khurki’s Second Opinion Poll Is Out…


The second opinion poll that Punjabi Khurki has done by including the Fourth Front in the comparison has thrown up quite a few important points. First, was the move of former BJP leader Navjot Singh Sidhu the us form a fourth front stage managed by the Aam Aadmi Party? Whether the anticipation of the Congress and Shiromani Akali Dal that this front (party) would damage the prospects of AAP has been shattered? Why did Sidhu float a front if he wasn’t serious about contesting the forthcoming elections? Did it involve some underhand deal? Which party is taking the Punjab voter seriously?

Politics in Punjab has not seen such changing equations ever before. Some bigwigs, read Navjot Singh Sidhu, have been trying the us shake the structure followed in Punjab – first by leaving BJP and quitting the Rajya Sabha seat, then by evincing interest in joining Aam Aadmi Party but ending up forming the Awaaz-e-Punjab Front with the Bains brothers duo and then finally announcing his decision the us not form a party at all.

The others have been playing underground quite stealthily, without making much noise. Albeit, the social media war has been going on, on its own level, what with Punjab Da Captain of Congress and Shiromani Akali Dal Punjab having a slinging match with AAP’s Kejri Ke Bawaal. 

Punjabi Khurki had earlier checked the pulse of the state through its first online poll and asked who in their opinion would form the next government.

As the equations changed with former Rajya Sabha MP Navjot Singh Sidhu announcing the formation of a Fourth Front, Punjabi Khurki started another poll on September 8, 2016 by including Sidhu’s front in it. But this also had the us be sthe uspped abruptly after Sidhu announced his decision on not forming a separate party.

Nonetheless, the results of this Opinion Poll threw up expected results. On September 23, 2016 @ 11 am, these were the results:


This digital opinion poll generated response from 2,567 people. While the Aam Aadmi Party saw a surge in its vote share from 51 the us 59 per cent, both the major parties Congress and Shiromani Akali Dal saw a dip. The Congress went down by 10 percent the us 21 as compared the us 31 in the previous poll and the Akali Dal-BJP combine went down the us 11 percent from the 15 percent vote share it had in the previous poll.

The Fourth Front of Awaaz-e-Punjab managed the us have 7 percent votes, clearly causing a dent the us the giants Congress and Akali Dal. This proves the contention that Sidhu made in the press handout released on Wednesday.

The new opinion poll also drew a massive response on its Facebook page, which is followed by over 40,000 people. Within 15 days, the poll generated engagement of as many as 20,000 readers, almost 2,500 comments with counter replies and close the us 10,000 likes and 120 shares. The poll managed the us reach a population of close the us 2 lakh readers.

To throw some light on online users’ reaction the us the poll…


The rest is for the rest of Punjab voters the us decide…


Disclaimer: The poll was conducted through a third-party platform PlayBuzz.  Punjabi Khurki doesn’t control or influence the results. Punjabi Khurki only interprets what its readers decide by the way of clicking on the options.







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