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Falling In Love With New Arabic Mehandi Designs…Are You Too?

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Mehandi or heena has always been fascinating us. Girls and their love for mehandi has gone on for generations and all ages. Whether a simple function or a marriage, they are like incomplete without mehandi on our hands. If we talk about the new Arabic collection, they are so pretty and loveable that you can’t stop wearing it, like me.

Keep it simple girly

Look at this design, isn’t it cool? I mean this is neither much heavy nor too simple. You can wear this simply amazing design on a function where you want to look simple, but still beautifull!

Perfect match of old and new

This one make me realize goodness of merging traditions with modern art. So for me this can be called as modern form of this traditional art called mehandi. It gives the look of a tattoo.

Patterns may vary, but not the essence

This mehandi design is actually one of its kind. This can really go well for those who want to apply mehandi but can’t handle much of it. But one has to be a perfectionist to go for this design because cleanliness is the USP of this design.

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Make your hands look amazing

Beauty of Arabic designs is that without being applied on full hand, they make your hands look amazing… so is with design. And those two flowers on the palm are the high part of this one.

One out of backhand mehandi designs

This backhand mehandi design has just taken my heart away. Those designs on fingers, though they need some practice to be perfect but I’m definitely gonna try them once.

Outlines always work

Some things are very easy to see but very different to create, so this one is one of that. We have been taught that borders make our drawing beautiful and i can realize it here, look at those nails flowers and leaves, bordered with the thick strokes of mehandi they looks so amazing. It really adds up to the beauty of the design.



Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

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