Munda Pattaya collaboration of Sukh-E and Nishawn Bhullar to come on 25th July

After the success of ‘Hadd Vi Hundi Aa’ and the recently released ‘Pakke Truckan Wale’, Nishawn Bhullar and Sukh-E are coming up with the new track. Titled ‘Munda Pattaya’, the song will be released on 25th July.

Both Nishawn Bhullar and Sukh-E Musical have given vocals to the song, while it has been penned by Bittu Cheema, and composed by Avvy Sara.

Nishawn took it to his social media account to share the official poster of the song:

The poster features both Nishawn and Sukh-E donning a cool swag. However, the real swag will be out only once the song is released.

Besides this collaboration, Sukh-E teamed up with Badshah for ‘Bamb’. This is the first time these two have come together for Punjabi musical project. Though the song was supposed to come out earlier, due to some reasons it got delayed and will be releasing tomorrow.

Source Times of India