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Yet another song on Punjabi love for moustaches and we have the complete list!!


Punjab is going crazy about moustaches and beards. Nowadays, it’s not only a matter of pride but a fashion trend among the youngsters. And boosting this moustache fever here comes another song under the banner of White Hill Music after so many of them that we can’t even count.

This new song Caran Te Muchh has been sung by Jashh Chahal. Music has been given by Desi Crew and the lyrics have been penned by Kabal Saroopwali.

Jass Pessi has directed the video in which he has tried to show that having moustaches is a big responsibility and pride that comes from within not from those moustaches logo stickers on the cars.

Here’s the video of the song. We also have a complete list of other songs made till date based on the mucch da taav. You can also go through them and find out if we have left any, which I’m sure you will find because there are so many of them…

And here is the full list of moustache songs, just check if you have enjoyed all of them??

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