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Mississauga, Brampton laid more than 2,000 charges for Covid-19 violations since March

Dozens of people fined for allegedly hosting illegal gatherings and other emergency-measures violations in Peel Region have settled their cases before trial while hundreds more have outstanding charges before Peel’s provincial offences court, Peel bylaw officials say.

Bylaw enforcement officials in Mississauga and Brampton have issued 2,093 charges — 833 in Mississauga and 1,260 in Brampton — since the start of the COVID-19 restrictions last March. Roughly another 100 summonses for more-egregious breaches were issued across the two municipalities, 73 in Brampton.

The charges and fines are linked to a variety of emergency measures, including breaches of gathering restrictions, stay-at-home orders, face-covering bylaws and businesses not adhering to reopening rules.

“We have had approximately 25 matters proceed to early resolution to date,” Mississauga spokesperson Catherine Monast told the Star this week, adding that none of the summons cases have proceeded to trial or the penalty phase yet.

Monast said that when and how the matters reach a resolution will hinge on court scheduling and volume.

In early resolution, a prosecutor may offer a reduced fine, but “they do not typically withdraw the matter,” Monast said. “Citizens who are not satisfied may proceed to trial.”

Michael Foley, Mississauga’s acting director of enforcement, said though “private social gatherings (being held) in commercial spaces have been an issue,” he’s anticipating those types of breaches will dwindle following a recent clampdown.



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