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Mirchi RJ’s Chai Par Charcha With MC Chandigarh


Chandigarh, 30th Jan: The City that is known for Gehri & Tafri, also has a responsible conscious when it comes to life in the City. Though, lately ever-going constructions, traffic, strays and such issues have always been a pain point for the people of the city.

Radio Mirchi understands the nerve of the City like no one else, and hence Team Mirchi came up with the activity ‘Tapri Par Tafri’. A Tapri (Tea Stall) is not just a shop selling tea in India, but a platform where people discuss local issues, politics, art, culture and so much more. Hence, what better place to discuss local issues with the people of the City than a Tapri.

The idea of the event is to celebrate love for the chai along with all the important discussions about the city. Evenings are always incomplete without Chai Par Charcha. Chandigarh- the city needs a spoonful of discussions about the issues regarding traffic, plastic bags, parking issues, stray animals, cycle project, cleanliness issues faced by the city, street vendor registration issues, and construction-related problems.
As it was Mirchi, such conversations were supposed to be spiced up with fun, and that’s where we had The Veer Ji & Badka Ji Show, being aired from the Tapris. Mirchi’s RJ Anmol & RJ Hi Rai, were present at the Tapri of Sector 27D Chandigarh.

People of the city expressed their concerns about the city issues, “Construction at the various corners of the city becomes a trouble, even the minor rains makes the situation worse” Ramesh Sharma regular visitor of the Tapri said.
Commissioner Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh, CEO Smart City Chandigarh Limited Anandita Mitra, was also seen taking part in the event. She discussed several issues faced by people. In her conversation with Mirchi RJ’s she urged people of the city that they must consider Cycle Project of the city as their own.

She expressed her concern about the damage of public property and urged city residents to consider it as their own. She also urged citizens to actively participate in the initiatives by the Municipal Corporation.

The commissioner also addressed the issue of littering, saying people shouldn’t be just bothered about cameras or the challan. The public should be self-conscious and contribute in maintaining the cleanliness of the city.
This initiative of Tapri Par Tafri, will continue for another five days at different Tapris in the City, where locals will be given a platform of fun and seriousness to discuss local issues of people.



Punjabi Khurki
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