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Mann Ki Baat: ‘Fit India’ movement next on agenda, details on Aug 29

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed the nation as part of his monthly radio programme ”Mann Ki Baat”. Sunday’s episode was PM Modi’s third since he took oath as prime minister for the second term after the BJP registered a thumping victory in 2019 Lok Sabha election.

During his address, PM Modi said that the government would launch the ‘Fit India’ movement on August 29 in order to keep the Indians fit and healthy. “It will be an interesting campaign for all alike, women, children, young and old,” Modi said. The prime minister added that he will divulge more details about the movement on August 29.

PM Modi also said the country was gearing up for a mega festival on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on October 2 this year.

“When we celebrate Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th anniversary, we’ll not only be dedicating to him an open defecation free India but also kickstarting a mass movement for making India plastic free. I appeal to all to celebrate this year’s Gandhi Jayanti by freeing Mother India of plastic,” he added.

Talking about Mahatma Gandhi, PM Modi said that Gandhiji always spoke truth and his bond with truth was unbreakbale. “Gandhiji shared an unbreakable bond with truth; he shared a similar unique bond with the spirit of service. He emphasized not only on the spirit of service, but also on the inner happiness it led to. Mahatma Gandhi, of course, became the voice of innumerable Indians, in the larger backdrop of upholding human values & human dignity; in a way, he had become the voice of the world.”

The prime minister also remembered how Mahatama Gandhi worked for those who were facing the brunt of apartheid in South Africa. “Mahatma Gandhi served communities in South Africa that were bearing the brunt of apartheid. He served farmers in Champaran who were being discriminated against. He served millworkers who were being underpaid. He served the poor, the destitute, the weak and the hungry… he took it as life’s prime duty. He presented shining examples through the medium of service in his own life,” remarked the prime minister.

Talking about his episode with Bear Grylls on ‘Man Vs Wild’, PM Modi said that many people have expressed a desire to know more about the episode which was aired on Discovery Channel. He added that it became possible due to the use of technology as Grylls was able to understand his Hindi using a cordless device fitted to his ear.

PM Modi also raised concern about the dwindling tiger population in the world but said that the population of tigers in India in increasing and according to latest census of tigers there are 2967 tigers in India.



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