Here’s why Gurdas Maan is respected as Maan Saab! Latest magic from this magic…

Maan Saahb

Mittar Pyare Nu….A Shabad from the album Punjab of legendary Gurdas Maan is the journey of a man from 1947 to 1984 which is portrayed by Maan Saab himself. This shabad of 8 minutes and 21 seconds is as expressive as a 3 hour movie. Mittar Pyaare Nu is a beautiful shabad by Guru Gobind Singh ji recited in the Machhiwara forest when He was separated from his family. Faced with atrocities and adversities around him, Guru Sahib ji in this shabad yearned for remembrance of Waheguru despite extreme hardships and tough times.

Gurdas Maan aka Maan Saab says “I am blessed that I have got an opportunity to sing this beautiful shabad by our 10th Guru and lend my voice to it”. This magic has been embellished as director by Gurickk G Maan, son of Gurdas Maan.

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This video is the journey of a man from 1947 to 1984 and his granddaughter who asks him a question that why we always want to rest in peace and not live in peace?? Hats off to the director, the song is a beautiful merger of two different sagas of Sikhism!

The comparison of these different eras and how that small girl grows older. The selection of Sargun Mehta to play that chord between those times and present situation has actually proved Gurickk G Maan “a director with vision” and this has brought him in the list of some of the ace directors of Punjab.

Credit must go to the Cinematographer Navneet Miser who did a marvellous job too.

A long way to go for the team with such a unique vision, especially Gurickk G Maan. Hope to see a lot from him. Till then, you watch this one which is already trending on No. 7 on Youtube!!