New Delhi, January 24: History will be created when Lt Bhavana Kasturi, Contingent Commander of Indian Army Service Corps, will become the first woman ever to lead an all-men Army contingent this Republic Day.

republic day
Lt Bhavana Kasturi will be leading an all-men contingent of Armed Service Corps on Republic Day.

Lt Kasturi joined the Officer’s Training Academy in October 2015 after clearing the NCC 38 special entry with AIR-4. High on Josh on “becoming a part of history books forever”, Lt Kasturi is ecstatic on the Army Service Corps contingent walking down the Rajpath on Republic Day 2019. “Not just me, 2 of our JCOs and 144 jawans in the contingent are very privileged,” she says.

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Clearing any clouds of confusion over disparity in the Armed forces, Lt Kasturi dismisses any such feeling by saying that “there is no gender bias in the organization”. An officer will remain an officer and responsibility and charter of service will remain the same irrespective of gender. This is no time to be discussing all this and we should just bask in the glory of having got a great opportunity to “portray the strength of the army on such a big platform”.

Reacting to queries on the proverbial glass ceiling having been broken, Lt Kasturi says: “Such concepts are passe. There is no doubt that there has been an absolute change in the Indian society. And it isn’t just in the Armed forces, but in the civil world too. Today, women and girls are doing wonders, I must say, we will keep doing great.”

High on Josh, Lt Kasturi tells all girls to chase their dreams till they succeed. “I hopeI I am a role model for a lot of young girls especially”. Never give up half-way, is her message to all the girls.




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