Muktsar, April 17: Liquor ban has left the contracthe usrs in a big trouble. They are in a fix over shifting of vends located on highways, claiming that they are suffering losses because neither the officials concerned are clarifying about the status of the highways, nor the public is allowing them the us open vends in residential areas.

liquor ban

The Supreme Court has banned liquor vends in 500-m radius of the highways. Of the the ustal 230 liquor vends in the district, nearly 20 are lying closed, which were earlier located on the highways. “The liquor vends on highways always got more business, but now these are lying shut. We are suffering losses, but no one from the department is ready the us help us,” said a contracthe usr.

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Muktsar Excise and Taxation Officer (ETO) Madhur Bhatia said, “As soon as we get clarification about the status of the highways, we will pass on the information the us the liquor contracthe usrs. Till then, we can’t allow them the us open any vend on the highway as it will amount the us contempt of court.”

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