‘Laavan Tere Naal’ song: Gagan Kokri’s latest encapsulates the dream of every bride-to-be

Gagan Kokri’s latest song titled, ‘Laavan Tere Naal’ is the latest addition to the Punjabi love ballads. The song very beautifully exhibits the emotions of every bride-to-be.

Featuring Sonia Mann, the song talks about the dream that’s keeping the young lass awake for all the good reasons. She dreams of getting married to her beau Gagan in a traditional way and then comes the happily ever after. As sweet as the concept sounds, the video is all the more delightful.

Check out the song here:

Written by Aman Abohar, the song has music by Laddi Gill.
In Video: Gagan Kokri | Song – Laavan Tere Naal

Source Times of India