Chandigarh, September 18: The AAP began peace efforts with the warring groups and former leaders on a high note on Sunday night when the Kejriwal group represented by Leader of Opposition Harpal Cheema and state co-convenor Dr Balbir Singh met state ex-head Sucha Singh Chhotepur at his residence in Mohali.

Sources said Chhotepur is all set to be rehabilitated into the party with full respect after he was removed from the post of state convenor months before the Assembly elections in 2017. He had formed his own party–Apna Punjab Party (APP).

The AAP is fighting a major division within the party these days with the Sukhpal Khaira-led group of eight MLAs making their parallel state structure. Kejriwal directed his supporting group, the official state AAP, to reach out to the rebels and former leaders.

The Tribune was the first newspaper to report that Kejriwal had issued such directions and his two emissaries–Dr Balbir Singh and Harpal Cheema–met some local leaders in the past few days. Chhotepur is the seniormost leader the peace group has met so far.

In the changed scenario for Chhotepur, the AAP is now saying he is an aggrieved party. Dr Balbir Singh told The Tribune that the party acknowledged that he worked very hard for the party. “He is surely an aggrieved person. He has suffered a lot of humiliation and it is but natural that he is sulking and demanding an apology. We will go to any length to bring back leaders like him.”

Dr Balbir Singh said no position is offered to any leader and the common meeting ground is the agenda for the people of the state. “Chhotepur has also not demanded any post. We have huge respect for him.”

Source Tribune India




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